Social media for DMOs

On Monday this week I was honoured to speak at the annual Western Cape Government Tourism, Arts and Entertainment Plenary Session in Cape Town. The session was hosted by the Western Cape’s Minister for Finance, Economic Development & Tourism, Alan Winde.

Basically what I said was this: with budgets shrinking everywhere, and – more importantly – with the arrogant, one-way push marketing that we’ve always used losing its luster (and its effectiveness; definitely its effectiveness), destination marketing organisations can’t afford to pretend that business the way they’ve always done it is going to fool the taxpayers for very much longer.

Because it no longer works.

Marketing these days is a two-way street, I told the minister and the audience, and I have a dream: to close every information office in the Cape, and to re-open them as conversation offices.

Because we’re going to get people to visit us in the future by inviting them personally.

As my friend and colleague Ron Mader ( said: “Selling tourism: instead of doing things for other people, it’s now about doing things with them. And it’s about changing from ‘I went there’ to ‘Hey! Someone invited me!’”

This is what social media has done: it’s opened the lines of communication. Now it’s our task to use them.

I think you might enjoy my presentation: you can see it, download it, embed it in your web site, facebook page, or blog here or watch it on YouTube below.

And if you want me to speak to your organisation – I’m available. And I can do it on line or in person. Contact me: and let’s see how we can get you over your fear of the biggest thing that’s ever happened to marketing. Ever. EVER.

Social media for DMOs 9 7-12 Martin Hatchuel

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