Skydive For Rhinos: make your pledge or donate now

As we start the countdown to the first Skydive for Rhinos event for 2012 – at Skydive Rustenburg, 27 – 29 July – the campaign’s chief fundraiser, marketer and communications officer, Sheelagh Antrobus, reports that 272 rhinos have been killed by poachers this year.

That’s one rhino dead every 15 hours.

But Sheelagh also said that R 3,5 million has already been raised (one million in cash and a further R 2,8 million in pledges) as more than 400 extra-ordinary South Africans prepare to Skydive for Rhinos.

“This is a national campaign that will distribute 100% of the money raised to improving anti-poaching measures across the country,” she said.

Skydive for Rhinos is organised by KwaZulu-Natal’s African Conservation Trust, and celebrities and businesses, pensioners, students, and hundreds of others are joining together to raise a total of R 10 million.

“Everyone whose signed up will skydive with a tandem jumpmaster from 10,000 feet – but first they have to raise a minimum of R 5,000,” said Sheelagh.

Most of this money will go to the African Conservation Trust – and only the cost of the skydive (which includes the plane, equipment, jumpmaster, and fuel) will be deducted.

As you’ll know by now, I’ve challenged Western Cape Tourism MEC Alan Winde to jump – and he’s accepted.

So now I have to raise my R 5,000.

Will you help?

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