97-year Old Mohr Keet To Make 4th Bungy Jump

Media Release: Immediate. 5 April 2010. Face Adrenalin

Image: Mohr Keet

Mohr Keet

97-year Old Mohr Keet To Make 4th Bungy Jump

Face Adrenalin, operators of the world’s highest bungy bridge, have announced that Mister Mohr Keet, of George (the capital of South Africa’s Garden Route), will bungy jump – once again – on Tuesday, April 6.

This will be Mr. Keet’s fourth jump, and his fourth attempt at setting a record for being the oldest man to have done so.

“He’s set the record three times already,” said Face Adrenalin’s Devan Tuohey, “but this will be the first time that we’ll be applying to make it official with Guinness World Records.”

Mr. Tuohey said that Mr. Keet’s jump would be witnessed by people whom Guinness would accept as judges, but that the jump hadn’t been set up as a publicity stunt – a position with which Mr. Keet agrees.

“This isn’t about the company,” said Mr. Tuohey, “this is about Mohr Keet pulling off a world record.

“He’s done it three times and it’s about time he got recognised for it.”

“I believe that you have to do things,” said Mr. Keet. “To live life, so to speak. That you have to face a challenge, to be able to go through with it for yourself – not for exhibition, but for yourself.”

Asked what Mr. Keet would experience when he jumped on the 6th, Mr. Tuohey said, “I think the second and third jumps are far more impactful than the first.

“With your first jump you’re sitting there going, ‘Am I mad, what am I doing here?’ – but with your second or third jump, you definitely know you’re mad,” he laughed.

Mr. Tuohey said that his company had always strived to offer the best bungy jumping experience in the world, “and effectively, being the world’s best means that you’ve got to be the safest.

“We’re stringent on all of our safety, we have a triple check on everything, everything is backed up on the system, and we regularly check our equipment,” he said, adding that Face Adrenalin had pioneered the technique of winch recovery – and that it had installed two winches on the Bloukrans Bridge to cover every eventuality.

Mr. Keet said the he jumped “for the thrill – and actually to get rid of fear,” although he admitted with a chuckle that that hadn’t totally worked. But, he added, he was looking forward to jumping on the 6th of April.

“I want to enjoy it,” he said.

Watch interviews with Mohr Keet, his daughter Lucille, and Devan Tuohey here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAnpmdTL0DY

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